"First and foremost, my goal for the Denton County Republican Party is to be a major part of Victory 2008 here in Texas on November 4, 2008. If we are successful in that effort, then both the Texas legislature and the national Congress will remain firmly in the hands of conservative Republicans. To fulfill that goal, we need an experienced, proven leader at the helm of our Party. I am committed to offering the kind of leadership which will mobilize our voter base and maximize our impact. Following is a list of initiatives which will enable us to achieve these goals, and I will strive to implement them, should the Denton County Republicans again entrust me with the position of Party Chair."
"Though in recent years, Denton County Democrat candidates on our November ballots have been few and far between, that will change dramatically in November, 2008. The Democrats are energized by their successes both nationally and in Dallas County, and are recruiting many candidates to challenge our Republican slate. We must encourage spirited, issue-oriented, yet positive, campaigns among GOP candidates; but once the primary is over, we Republicans must come together and work together as a unified force. I pledge to increase the number of Republican voters in the November, 2008 election so that all the partisan elected offices in Denton County remain firmly in the Republican column.

I believe in leadership by example, and as a first positive step towards unifying our Party, I have upheld our County Executive Committee's rule stating that the Chair of the County GOP should not endorse a candidate in a contested Republican primary. If re-elected as County Chair, I will continue to work effectively and professionally with people throughout our Party, with varying viewpoints and issues."

Dianne Edmondson
Denton County GOP
1st Vice Chair - Political Affairs

Dianne works a phone bank at GOP Headquarters.

"We must do more to reach out to the average, everyday voters in Denton County and to involve them in our Party. And we must be both bold and creative in doing so. I have introduce several initiatives designed to accomplish this goal, including recruitment and training of Precinct Chairs."

"As one of the most heavily Republican counties in Texas, Denton County is counted on to deliver a significant number of votes which can make the difference in state-wide and Congressional elections. Denton County must maximize our GOP voter turnout to ensure that we help set that course with Republican leadership."


"Unless we can make significant inroads into groups which have not traditionally voted Republican, the GOP cannot survive as the majority party in Denton County, in Texas or in the U.S.A. We must build upon our commonality of interests with these groups and welcome them into the Republican constituency. I created a special committee that works with our 4th Vice Chair of Outreach to develop strategies and to implement them here in our County. We are now actively recruiting bilingual Election Judges and Clerks for the March 2008 Primary. Contact me if you can help."

"We are known as a 'go-to' County for Republican votes, dollars and volunteers. We can grow this reputation throughout the state - and indeed, the nation - by organizing and fully utilizing our grassroot Republicans to help in November, 2008 races which have Democrats on the ballot."

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison knows that she can count on Denton County for a substantial GOP voter turnout.

"Our GOP precinct chairs are the first link that our Party has with our grassroots constituents, and they should be trained, committed and active participants in our Party's Victory strategy. We have a successful, aggressive recruitment program for Precinct Chairs and have filled the great majority of our precinct chair positions. We also provide training and Headquarters support for our Precinct Chairs."

"We raise thousands of dollars every year at our very successful Denton County Lincoln Day Dinners. Not all of those funds are needed to sustain our headquarters, publish our newsletter, etc. Thoughtful, strategic plans have been put into place which will give us a blueprint for the optimum way to utilize our resources and fulfill our Mission Statement."


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